Hey mate, thanks for visiting Albion Ace Fitness :)


We are a couple of gym junkies who found ourselves stuck at home this year. Determined to maintain our workout routines without gym access, we started looking for equipment to exercise at home.


We founded Albion Ace Fitness not only to help fellow gym-goers in a similar situation, but also to encourage workout newbies to start training in the safety and comfort of their own homes. We believe it is all the more important for folks to stay active, stay fit and healthy during quarantine.


We hope you take comfort in the fact that we personally test the products offered on Albion Ace Fitness ourselves, to ensure they are effective, durable and safe for you to use.


We expect to see you coming out of this year healthy and in shape ;)




Vicky & Anne

Co-founders of Albion Ace Fitness

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